With POLYESTER AND SWEAT Twinpigs and Now//We//Bar present the best serious dance workout evening in Berlin. On May 15th we will offer you a unique platform for contemporary urban workout/performance/culture/dance that promotes interdisciplinary exchange in a clear manner and encourages openness for cross-genre formats. Therefore on this very evening we will try to create an interface where forms of urban workout will raise questions on the contemporary political status quo in the middle east as well as creating a collective dance movement that preventative supports each involved party in their various developments.

POLYESTER AND SWEAT which is addressed to everybody who wants to participate, invites you to develop a sophisticated understanding of contemporary Berlin culture, its various influences and, above all, to celebrate together with the artists. Twinpigs will host the third event in the series as a progressive platform and collaboratively investigation in movement patterns with a passion for experimentation, questioning the norm and developing unconventional, yet impressive workout solutions, all performed in glorious polyester.

POLYESTER AND SWEAT is a set of ethical commitments without reticence nor regret. It is the game that computers still can’t win. It is the celebration of life. It is the second exploration of neo-expressionism. It is the comeback of the loss of focus. It is the celebration of the critical work of Deleuze Ban. It is the final forum for contemporary urban workout. Get your Nylons ready, get your cotton shiny white, and don't forget the headband.

I-T W-I-L-L M-A-K-E Y-O-U S-W-E-A-T.

Your Host for the evening:
MA HOFF (Wedding Crashers)
Special Appearances, Musical Support, Drinks and Projection by:
Paulo de Araujo (Twinpigs)
Pär Hugo Kjellén (Twinpigs)
Marvin Bratke (Now//We//Bar)

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