Peter Madsen´s submarine crew has built the world's largest privately built submarine and the launch party is May 3rd!

After its launch into the water at noon from B&W the submarine UC3 Nautilus will arrive at M/S Half Machine in South Harbor where a party is held to celebrate. Tours of the submarine for the visiting guests.

Featuring fantastic music, underwater lights and gas cannon installations, the party will celebrate the 32 tons of machinery involved in this project.

UC3 is designed as a true seagoing vessel and will be deployed from Norwegian Fjords to tropical reefs – and at depths of 100 meters plus.


Taken April 27, 2008. Shows the submarine builders sealing up the side hatch that was used for ingress in the construction, equipment loading and outfitting phase of UC3. With all the heavy machinery and engines safely installed inside the hull, now is the time to button her up tight. Afterwards the only means of access is the hatch on the topside and the one in the conning tower.

Not shown: After the outside welding is completed, the hatch plate is ground and welded from the inside and the corner hole is patched up neatly.


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