The Land Of is a three part web-series that follows a diverse group of five surfers as they travel through Thailand, a place known more for its party scene than its surf culture, as they seek to find a sense of purpose and some sweet waves.

They collaborate with non-profits and communities throughout their journey to distribute ‘Waves 4 Water’ filters, take part in the Bangkok Floor relief, lend a hand at Baan Santisuk orphanage and teach local groms how to catch waves and trust the ocean again post the 2006 tsunami.

The Land Of is a completely independent project, funded by those involved. This venture capitalizes on the power of creative collaboration with design from Matt Dampney, Animation by Drew Meier and music provided by emerging artists from across the globe. Featured are tracks from OXBLVD, Streets of Laredo, MT Warning, Jonny Higgins, Open Swimmer and Flood Coats.

Director : Stefan Hunt
Cinematography : Campbell Brown
Editor : Stefan Hunt

Joel Fitzgerald, Chrystal Jameson Fitzgerald, Ed Worland, Jack Entwistle, and Nick Riley

Release Dates
Chapter 1 : May 20th
Chapter 2 : May 27th
Chapter 3 : June 3rd
Live on

Artist: Streets of Laredo
Song: Need A Little Help

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