From BIT20 Ensemble's ( Norwegian premiere of the great masterpiece "An Index of Metals" during Borealis 2014.

Music by Fausto Romitelli
Video by Paolo Pachini

Baldur Brönnimann
Mezzo soprano
Christina Daletska

Sound can be edited, reworked, adapted into something new. A sound can be translated into another sound. Sound can be distorted or created artificially. A composition can be seen as a sculpture with specific characteristics. The texture might be smooth or grainy; it might vary in brightness and flexibility, thickness and porosity. Such descriptions are very appropriate to Fausto Romitelli’s music, including An Index of Metals, the last work he wrote. Scored for soprano and eleven amplified instruments the work was envisaged as an opera where a concrete narrative has been replaced by an abstract one, told in sound, light and form.

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