BGMCARK001 “JOEL” trouble lies ahead

Zephaniah 3:8 says, Therefore, wait for me,” says Adonai, “for the day when I rise to witness against you, when I decide to assemble nations, to gather kingdoms together, to pour on them my indignation, all my furious
anger; for all the earth will be consumed in the fire of my passion.

Yeshua will judge all the nations for their treatment of Israel. What America has tried to do to Israel every 7 years (Shemitah) since 1973.
1. 1973- The World Trade Center was completed and President Nixon tried to divide Israel and America was judged by a big oil embargo.
2. 1980- President Carter forces Israel to give land away and silver and gold collapse in this country. In addition, we had another oil crisis and a heat wave through this country.
3. 1987 - President Regan is trying to divide the land of Israel and make covenants with the Arab world. On October 18, 1987 (Black Monday) we have the largest crash of the stock market. It lost 22% of its value in one day.
4. 1994 - President Clinton tries to divide the land of Israel. While he is in a specific meeting forcing Israel to give away 30% of its land he receives a phone call when someone asks him, who is Monica Lewinsky. That is the year of the earthquake in Los Angeles causing 30 billion dollars in damages. Also Nasdaq collapsed during this year.
5. 2001 - President George W. Bush is trying to divide Israel and create a Palestinian State. A week later the Twin a Towers are destroyed and the stock market crashes. This is the beginning of the collapse of the global economy.
6. 2008 - President George W. Bush tries to divide Israel and raise a Palestinian flag. On the Eve of the Feast of Trumpets the stock market has its largest crash ever 777 points. In addition, several banks and brokerage firms collapse including Lehman Brothers and Bear Sterns. This is the beginning of the Federal Reserve pumping money into the economy. We are soon to be finished because man does not fear Elohim. What in the world is going to happen next year?

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