This true story is that of the lives and adventures of two World War One heroes, who became members of the American Expeditionary Force as pilots facing the more experienced Germans. The most famous of the enemy was the so-called ‘Red Baron’ (von Richthofen) who himself had shot down some 80 or 90 Allied pilots. One of the heroes was Hobey Baker, who was enrolled at St. Paul’s boarding school in Concord, New Hampshire at age 11 and soon became recognized as one of the most extraordinary athletes, specializing in football and ice hockey. After leaving St. Paul’s, he enrolled in Princeton, where once again his athletic prowess amazed his contemporaries. He was graduated in 1914. The other hero, Robert Stiles, attended Harvard where he managed the baseball team and was the Editor of the HARVARD CRIMSON. Both men learned to fly as the US prepared to enter World War One. Richard Stiles Greeley, the nephew of Robert Stiles, wrote a biography of these two men featuring the diaries of his uncle, and the more than one hundred thrilling letters that Hobey wrote to his father describing his combat experiences on a daily basis. On August 12th Hobey was named the Squadron Leader of the new 141st Squadron just being formed and promoted to Captain. He finally was able to get his new squadron into combat on October 23rd, 1918. Air combat in the early days of flying was deeply hazardous and life expectancy was on the order of just two weeks. Flimsy aircraft often failed while in flight and the Germans with much more experience, flew their FOKKERS against the French SPADS. This documentary follows the lives of these two men from their early education to their lives at the front. In the film, archival footage of the dogfights in the air will be narrated by the entries from Hobey’s letters to his father. This feature documentary will be completed in time to be broadcast on the 100th Anniversary of the US entry into World War One.

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