Rasna and Chirayu
The Wedding Film

When we began unwrapping the countless layers of the story behind Rasna and Chirayu's journey together, it dawned on us that there was so much to absorb, capture, and unravel. This was no ordinary story. So much had gone into the companionship of these two distinct personalities.

Even before we had set foot on Chiang Mai to begin shooting their wedding, we were going back and forth on pre-production notes to put things into place and find a way to do justice to this realistic tale.

But then, the stunningly gorgeous Rasna faced the camera for an interview and it all seemed to fall into place. Next came the charming to-be groom, Chirayu, and our story began to take shape.
Their stunning friends and families provided wonderful inputs, filling in all the gaps, and we were able to map a staggering storyline.

This wedding was not about innumerable Indian wedding functions or just drinking and dancing escapades; it was a true gathering of everyone who had been a valuable part of Rasna and Chirayu's love story.

Rasna's incredible poise and articulate nature was a pleasure to document and Chirayu's pragmatic and charismatic approach always kept us smiling and energetic.

WedRed undoubtedly learned a lot by the end of Rasna and Chirayu's wedding. The couple's ever-caring attitude towards every person around deserved a massive round of applause. They were so unlike the typical bride and groom. So elegant, so simple, and so polite. They took the time to make sure everyone around them were having a wonderful time, celebrating a wedding affair the way it should be. Their gratitude towards their friends and families, and all teams working, was overwhelming.

In the end, we composed an honest Wedding Film. A real story of characters that remind you and allow you to believe in the true meaning of life and love.

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