Netsnapper -­‐ the one integrated solution that answers the challenges of today’s overburdened networks with simplicity tackling those through a client server architecture with compression, acceleration, security, session persistence, seamless switching, firewall and data analytics.

Netsnapper solution, data moves over the fastest available network, regardless it is fix or mobile networks are unburdened, applications perform seamlessly and the end user has a better experience. Traffic market through better service quality with seamless switching & session persistence. Operators can also take advantage of the optional Mobile VPN services, and generate incremental revenue by selling this VAS to enterprise and consumers alike.

Netsnapper Platform

Netsnapper is the only solution in the market that offers offload of traffic between interfaces, seamless switching, session persistence, compression, security and interface profiling. All without user intervention, authentication and regardless of the network coverage available.
Intelligent connection management. Simply-B provides automatic seamless switching between all device interfaces moving data sessions to the “best” available network;
Session persistence. Simply-B maintains state for all running application sessions which is especially valuable in the case of network interruption;
Security of data. Simply-B delivers an advanced mobile VPN solution with encryption while protecting the data transfer tunnel;
Compression of data. Simply-B applies compression to traffic which reduces congestion and increases the speed of the data transfer on our own proprietary algorithm increasing speed up to 600%

Key Benefits
Reduced Operational Costs
Deferral and Reduction of Capital Expenses
Revenue Generating Value
Improved User Experience

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