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For fifteen years now Transamerica has conducted a retirement survey and this week it reported the retirement crisis in America is not contained us Boomers alone. The results show Generation X, born between 1965 and 78 figure they will need a million dollars to retire…and apparently their is a profound gap to what they have saved today. Millennials born after 1978 are least worried…the survey found 70% are saving for retirement.
On a related note…this week we learned that many people are becoming un-retired. That’s right…deciding to get back to work…for lots of personal reasons. We spoke to Ryan Wibberley CEO of CIC Wealth in Washington DC
We have a much longer interview with Ryan who talks about things to consider if you plan to un-retire.
Us baby boomers are apparently affecting a new trend in the Housing market, The National Association of Realtors reports. It says many boomers are trading down or selling a large home for a small one with tons of equity to plunk down.. That has changed the home buying dynamic in recent months.
Maybe you have heard about the new ranking system of Medicare Advantage plans as part of the Affordable Care Act. Forbes magazine is reporting that the ranking systems are apparently benefitting seniors and the bottom line of health insurers who get those high ratings. More than half of seniors enrolled in the Medicare Advantage plans are enrolled in plans of 4 stars or more. Five is the maximum rating.
This week we talked with Judith Bitterli with AVG technologies … the company that provides Internet safety products. But one of Judith’s specialties even includes something that has become popular among those of us over 55…internet dating.
You can hear her entire interview right here at BloomerBoomer.
Just a few last minute things to point out…Bloomer boomer has make some significant upgrades to the website…including topic menus and subcategories that are much more specific to what you are looking for. In one of our future news updates we plan to take you on a tour of the updates…but spend some time to check it out.
You can also check out the newest movie trailer right over here on the website…it is the new one with Scarlett Johnansson…Under the Skin..I haven’t seen it but its getting some good reviews.
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