"I believe you are beautiful. I have a dream that you would feel empowered in your natural skin. I believe in the power of a photograph.

Natural beauty is close to my heart, and it's something that our culture is loosing sight of. I want to bring awareness and light to the natural skin we've been given, with freckles or without. This is a movement to remind you that you don't have to wear a lot makeup to feel beautiful. It's about capturing a moment, and not photoshopping away who we are. I want you, to be more of you.

I'm creating a book, and that's where I need you. Not only do I need your support to cover the cost of the book, I need your beautiful faces to fill the pages. I will be partnering with Artifact Uprising, a company that values creativity and passion. Without it, we are nothing. They also believe in the inspiration that comes from natural beauty around us, and that's why they print on 100% recycled paper. I'm beyond excited to get this book into your hands.

The vision is to help restore American beauty. I will cross the country, visiting iconic American cities and photograph people in a natural way. I will use the social community I have to connect with any and all who wish to support this movement. I believe that we are all beautiful, and I can't wait to show you. My journey will start in Seattle, and take me all the way to New York over six weeks. I'll be traveling in my car, camping, and staying with friends to keep things efficient. I can't wait for this adventure, beginning late June of this summer."


Kickstarter page: kickstarter.com/projects/1484324408/restoring-american-beauty
Instagram page: instagram.com/chuck

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