For the second time this year the Moon passed in front of Saturn for observers in Australia and New Zealand. First event in February was obscured by daylight and clouds and the weather forecast for May 14th was quite depressing too. But weather was merciful with only thin clouds passing by and two telescopes were working fine, despite a minor technical disaster a night before. A pair of binoculars provided nice views but what I saw on the back of the camera screen was even better!

This video includes footage from two different telescopes tracking the Moon, which appears fixed but in reality it is the Moon that passes in front of Saturn. The sound is of Saturn's radio emissions recorded by Cassini spacecraft in April 2002, when it was 374 million kilometers (234 million miles) from the planet and mapped into audio frequencies (click on the link form more info at NASA:

* Full disk of the Moon with 1-metre long telescope and Sony NEX5-N in time-lapse mode, 50x real speed
* Close-up of Saturn with 2-metre long telescope (hand crafted by Peter Read from SDM Telescopees) and Canon 6D with Magic Lantern and RAW video 5x crop mode, 8x real speed

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