This episode of HIKI NŌ is hosted by Damien Memorial School on Oahu.

Top Stories:
Students from Seabury Hall Upper School on Maui follow a team of scientists as they implant, by hand, tracking devices into the bodies of tiger sharks in Hawaiian waters. The scientists are able to handle the sharks during this procedure by turning them upside down. This position places the sharks in a sleep-like state of chronic immobility. The shark-tagging project is part of a University of Hawaii at Manoa study of tiger shark behavior in Hawaiian waters.

Plus, students from Waialua High and Intermediate School on Oahu cover the "perfect storm" of factors leading to traffic and parking congestion on Kamehameha Highway near Laniakea Beach Park.

Also Featured:
Students from Maui High School tell the story of a fellow student who has a life-threatening allergy to latex and how the school and her family are trying to modify their environments to keep her safe; students from Kapaa Middle School on Kauai give us tips on how to live green; students from Hana K-12 School show us the traditional Hawaiian process of preparing hala leaves for weaving; and students from Ewa Makai Middle School on Oahu provide a primer on how to DJ with 21st-century technology -- no vinyl records involved!

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