"Amigo Bronco (My Friend Bronco, since "Bronco" is the name of a horse that was reborn in another body as the song lyrics says)"
Ernesto Walker
Random generation of sound and image combinations; Max MSP/Jitter programming; Sound and video installation
531 : 36 : 41 Hours (3:51 minutes per combination, 8,281 combinations)

Project developed within a series of reflections upon a selection of songs that are representative from the musical production of Monterrey City from 1990 to 2010. This piece refers specifically to the song “Mi amigo bronco” and is based on three topics: 1) the theme of the song that talks about a horse that dies and was reborn, 2) the stability and continuity of the norteño music genre that does not expands, shrinks or change substantially both on commercial and stylistic matters, and 3) the way the band Bronco composes using an underlying constant rhythm and phrases of the instruments ordered in modules like in a queue. The process starts separating the song and the video clip in all this phrase modules, obtaining 93 independent parts. This fragments are then used by an application developed with Max MSP that randomly recombines them while observing the rhythm. The result is the continuous generation of new songs, with the same length, whose characteristics does not change substantially, that makes the song reborn in another one, and that also emulates the modular type of composing related to the band.

Thanks for their help: Raúl Garza, Juan Antonio Cantú Yeverino, Roberto César Álvarez Garza (Representation of El Gigante de América / Bronco), Ángel Tamez (La Caliente, Radio) y Roberto González (Multimedios Television).


Original Video Clip:
Title: "Mi amigo bronco"
Performer: Bronco
Composer: Gil Rivera
Director: Unknown
Date: 1991

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