People often assume the rock and roll image is a glamourous lifestyle full of drugs, booze and women. This isn’t usually the case. Behind the denim and frizzy haircuts, there is a much darker truth. Some of the greatest bands the world has ever seen have disbanded because of petty arguments. Due to the lack of interaction with people other than each other, things become stale. Anything can trigger a dispute. I will create my version a typical band based on personal experience. It will be set during the 1970’s when it was more about the music than about corporate gain.

Four young musicians that call themselves “The Novocaines” are travelling to one of their gigs that they are about to play. Usually they’re on a buzz from some sort of synthetic drug but this time, the shadow of the open road on their faces and the smell of sweet tobacco has given them a chance to recuperate their strength for their show. Driving toward the destination, Mick, Harris, David and Ian are casually sat in the moving car when David realises he’s forgotten his tobacco. Luckily, Mick is on hand to give him a quick cigarette. David is thankful for the cigarette and being the best of friends he sparks up a rather personal conversation directed toward mick. David says that he had heard about Mick fighting with some man he’d met on a night out because Mick had taken this mans
girlfriend. Mick and this girl were kissing so of course this estranged man was furious with them both. The conversation has a friendly tone until Mick decides he doesn’t want to talk about the night in question. Mick gives David a backhanded comment and that really start to annoy David. David replies to Micks sly comment by swearing at him. The words get heated before Harris tried to intervene. This does nothing. The pair become frustrated with each other both of them shouting out a few home truths to each other before Mick says to David that he has slept with his ex girlfriend as he thought she was “just a groupie”. The argument escalates to David throwing punches and strangling Mick in the back of the car; Harris desperately trying to separate them. Ian slams on the breaks. the first time he speaks on the whole journey and he says that he’s had enough and wants out. Mick and Harris exit the car and Harris and Mick talk outside over a cigarette and Ian consoles David in the car. The pair of them gets talked over by the two innocent parties and realise that their foolishness in the car was to do with them just being really close friends. David was sick of the way that Mick had changed and Mick was tired of being the blame. The pair eventually make up over a cigarette and now that their anger has been vented, they can carry on their journey to the show.

Writer / DOP / Producer / Editor / Director - Adam Ovens

Daniel Askew
Daniel Harris
Samuel Edwards
James Joseph


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