This video is my entry for the Visteon design competition which ran over at CG Society. It won the 'Best 3D Concept' award.

Description of car technology:

1. The primary way of interfacing with the displays is through the holographic fan that projects from the steering column. Here, the user can 'touch' the hologram and interact with the consoles. This conceptual technology can be activated/deactivated by pressing a physical button on the steering wheel and was employed to keep the drivers view towards the road.

2.The speedo/fuel display has also been visualised as a holographic projection but can be optionally viewed on the pop-up display screen. Although not shown in the video various other information could be placed there such as basic sat nav directions. As with the holographic fan the placement of this screen is such that the driver is not required to look too far away from the road.

3. Located down the central division is the primary touch interface. As every display in the vehicle can be customised the circular display provides an overview of the current layout and enables the user to make changes through a node based system. The remainder of the touch strip simply shows all the interface options and two physical control dials.

4. The entire dashboard surface is conceptually visualised as a holographic projection surface. Nearing the end, the video illustrates how this surface can be used to display an expanded sat nav interface.

Design and presentation by Mike Luard

Music composed by Peter Nickalls

Software used: 3D Studio Max 2013 - mental ray, After Effects, Premier Pro, Photoshop and Illustrator

Hope you enjoyed the video and thanks for watching.

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