In my Solitude. When I was 17 I left my home in Phoenix Arizona and traveled across America to New York City
where I stayed several days before leaving on a ship to Europe. That was the last year of Billy Holidays life. I had not yet heard here sing, if I had there is no doubt I would have sought her out, to be in her presence. When I first heard her sing, be fore I even knew who she was...her music and song touched my heart and soul, was about my lost love, was about my mother who passed when I was 4 years old.

After my travels and adventures I became a film maker and photographer. I work with nature,
dancers, models. This past winter I met a young woman from Newark by the name of Avanti.
I did a photographic session with her and while we worked, I could see and sense how fragile,
beautiful, full of longing and sadness she was. And I thought of Billie Holiday and her music,
so that when we came to edit these images into this short film 'Solitude' which is the name
of a song Billie Holiday seemed only natural to dedicate this film, in homage
to Lady Day and to my mother , vanished love and the wonderful model Avanti.

mark sadan

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