Private First Class (PFC) is a transient multichannel communications creation and distributed messaging application for the Apple iOS.

This application allows a user to send a message to anyone who is subscribed to a channel the user created.

The interface is designed to be simple, and straight to the point.

There are 3 screens:
The first one allows users to subscribe to a channel.
The second one allows users to send messages to a channel they created.
The third one allows users to create channels, and when specified, to view the communications history of that channel.

The channel list screen is launched at the beginning of every session. Here, users are allowed to subscribe to a channel they have received a a request to join. Let's demonstrate the process:

First, we'll create a channel.

We will select this to be a non-private channel. Here, the application displays a stored list of communications from the server.

As you can see, the channel was added to my list, and there is a unique identifier; and we will share our channel by email, chat, or social media.

Another user on another device then subscribes to that channel. They can paste in the channel name, or they can enter it in manually. As many users can sign up to any channel. Now, we will see how to send and receive messages.

To send a message, the user who owns the channel enter the send message screen console of the application. The user selects the channel name, and is prompted to select a method of transmission. In this case, we will do a text transmission. We enter our message, and send.

Now, anyone who subscribed to that channel will receive the message that was sent.

Private First Class is a transient multichannel application.

This means channels are automatically disconnected, and they are automatically destroyed in the server.

The channels are designed to last up to three days. After 3 days, the user is automatically disconnected from the channel, and the channel is destroyed.

Private First Class has a sister application, named Channel +. The only difference between the two applications is that Channel + maintains persistent connection to a channel. Therefore, users are not automatically disconnected from a channel, and the user may disconnect themself manually from any channel at any time.

In both cases, messages are deleted after three days, and there are no stored records or third-party involvement. The communications are intended to be delivered in a quality and secure format, and maintain open and continuous connections to specified groups the user defines.

The ideal use scenario for Channel + are B2B, clinician to clinician, and social services communications.

The ideal use scenario for Private First Class are discrete communications to patients from a clinician following HIPAA compliancy standards, and at conferences that last a few days.

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