A brush fire started about 3:45 PM in the hills above Cal State University San Marcos. The order to evacuate the campus was announced about 4:00 PM. To document this event I retrieved a video camera from my office and stood on a small rise above the intersection of Campus View Drive and Palm Canyon Drive. This is one of the busiest intersections on campus as the roads go to large parking lots, a drop off circle in front of Craven Hall and also to-from the major commuter roads off campus including the 78 freeway.
The dramatic movement and volume of smoke and flames makes it apparent that this fire was burning rapidly and as the wind shifts the fire and smoke change direction.
The constant background noise was from the emergency electrical power diesel generator that is located outside of Craven Hall.
The net has many pictures and videos of this fire from the ground and air, so this is just one view of what was happening.

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