At™ our main priority is YOU. This is why we implemented our preliminary background check so you can have some peace of mind when you join our dating community.

It's very important that you provide your real name and current zip code you live in so we can properly do a background check on you. If you're information doesn't match any of our resources then we'll tag your profile as a person we cannot verify; and only way you can remove this from your profile is when you get back to us with the right information. IF for any reason your name and zip code is still not giving the right information then we may ask for mobile number to further verify your identity.

To conduct our background check we use the following sources:

✓ Family Watchdog (
✓ USSearch (

We also have members from outside of the U.S. and unfortunately we can't do a background check on anyone outside of U.S (for the time being). However, if you are from outside of the U.S. and looking for a partner in the U.S., then you're in luck cause U.S. members in our site will have to go through our preliminary background check.

By the way, our preliminary background check will only reveal the following information:

✓ If you've been incarcerated
✓ If you're a Sex Offender
✓ If you're a real person or not

Any more information besides the ones mentioned above will cost you a fee (per person) because we also have to pay to get this information.

Moreover, misdemeanor things like speeding ticket, stealing candy from store, parking tickets, etc. is none of our concern and these records will never show in your profile.

Thanks again and I'm looking forward to having you join our FREE Safe Online Dating & Relationship Community.

If you have any questions or suggestions please send me an email at

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