- Kode9: born in the city of Glasgow, Scotland, Kode 9 begins to put discs in 1990 at age 16, playing with a fusion of reggae, breaks, hip hop, jazz, funk and house. In subsequent years, is overwhelmed by the appearance of breakbeat hardcore scenes, jungle and drum'n'bass. He started playing all over the UK from Edinburgh, Coventry, moving to London in 1997. Kode9 is the founder of one of the most influential and important labels of the last decade: Hyperdub Records, which after being the leader of the dubstep sound is now projected trajectories towards new sound.
Kode9 Dubstep mixes with the Garage and Rap with the House, seamless. His intent and, above all, his secret has a dimension both physical and intellectual. It does not sound never what you'd expect to dance today but what you will know only tomorrow.

- Shinoby (Wicked Bass / Soho Soundsystem)

- Queen's Park Revenge (Soho Soundsystem)

- Sonni (Soho Soundsystem)

Song: DJ Rashad - Everyday of My Life (feat DJ Phil) (Hyperdub 2013)

Matteo Erbisti

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