Year of production: 2005
Duration: 8’20”, color
Film director: Ștefan Rusu
Image editor: Denis Bartenev
Cameraman: Ruben Agadjanean


The film explores how the image of Lazo was used in the construction of the Moldavian identity during soviet era. According to the legend the Japanese army burned Serghei Lazo alive in the oven of a locomotive. Being a revolutionary and guerrilla fighter for the cause of the revolution in the Far East region his heroic aura becomes later a burning symbol for the builders of socialism all over USSR. The famous film director Andrei Tarkovski had a substantial contribution in the perpetuating of myth in “Serghei Lazo” feature film. The Moldova Film studios have hired Tarkovsky as Artistic Producer of the “Serghei Lazo” feature film. He was not only the one who conceived the final and the cruelest scene of the movie when Lazo was burned alive but also played as actor who executed the hero. Seen again today, the scene looks like a DADA style scenario in which the film director Tarkovsky kills Lazo himself.

The exploration of constructed myths and legends ends with the appropriation of fairy-tales that overturn the meanings of good and evil and by replacing the reality with fiction.

Produced in the frame of AlteArte TV Project
Technical support-[KSAK] Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau

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