- Are our hand's a hand made piece of our life's work?
A short film about holding memory in your hands.
It takes about five years to break in a pair of hands. At first they wiggle and grasp clumsily. Soon they learn to guide food toward your mouth, help you dress, and pull colorful things close to your eyes. Years six through ten are hard on the hands. You know how to use them, but you foolishly send them into harms way. Hands and fingers sustain a lot of injuries in those years. By the time you are fifteen, your hands have worked out most of the tasks they will do for you. All of your gestures are in place, and even your handwriting - such a telling and personal thing - has taken its final form.
After that it’s just years and years of faithful service.
As you age, your hands begin to take on the character of your life’s work. What we do with our lives is our vocation and calling. And it changes the appearance of our hands.

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