When I watched Simon Sinek's new TED talk, I couldn't help but be curious to see for myself the story of the heroic soldier and his courageous military brothers. When I found the video being described, I was deeply touched and wanted to hear Simon tell the story with visuals attached. I hope everyone enjoys what I have put together, especially the original content creators.

All the rights belong to the original owners of the video content. We do not intend to profit by publishing, we just hope to inspire more people to litem to the important message given by Sinek on the TED stage.

Original on TED Talks: Why Leaders Make You Feel Safe ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_why_good_leaders_make_you_feel_safe

Simon Sinek on Ted: ted.com/speakers/simon_sinek

Simon Sinek's Books: amazon.com/Simon-Sinek/e/B002CB2SDC
Start With Why
Leaders Eat Last

Original Footage From USArmy YouTube page that stated, "This video is courtesy of Mrs. Charlene Westbrook. "
Raw Video: Battlefield Actions of Former Army Cpt. William Swenson: youtu.be/en1ZHMANDkg
To learn more about Swenson and his heroic actions, visit

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