My Name is Allen

I'm a builder who is passionate about making a difference in the world through collaboration with others.  I work to inspire & motivate them to express their own creativity, imagination, and vision to achieve our best as individuals and as a group.

My Co Founder is Gabriel

He has dedicated his life to understanding complex human diseases.  His passion towards eradicating chronic illnesses took on a human dimension as he began counseling clients by educating & empowering them to avoid acquiring HIV.  

We met while volunteering at Bridgemen (men's group for community service projects and leadership opportunities). The two of us discovered a shared passion of developing a centralized health care information portal for people suffering from chronic diseases. My technical & entrepreneurial experience and Gabriel’s research and biomedical background highlighted an opportunity for us to make a real difference in health care.

Having dealt with chronic illness in our personal lives we know first hand how access to the right information and the right options can become a "life and death" situation.  So long as chronic illnesses exist, we are uniquely committed to empowering people to manage their care and live the best life possible.    We love creating simple, elegant systems to solve complex problems and in health care we know we can do just that.

So Together we founded Gyde…

Fo people who struggle to find health insurance coverage that meets their needs our web app provides a personalized and streamlined process so that they can purchase the perfect plan in minutes.

Suzy, is a 35 year old art teacher from Detroit.  She has played by the rules her whole life, but due to budget cuts she has been laid off.
Like 1 in every 2 adult Americans, Suzy lives with a chronic illness (in her case Suzy has heart disease)

So before she can rebuild her life,   she must first sort out her health care… quickly.

She gets $1200 per month for unemployment.  While, She qualifies for COBRA, it costs 600 dollars per month which is more than her rent.   

Suzy isn’t very tech savvy, so when she turned to, setup took hours.  She eventually found plans half the price of COBRA but she struggled for days trying to find the plan that will cover her doctors and medications which could cost her 1000’s of dollars.

She finds Gyde, and she uses this astonishingly beautiful, simple and informative app to select her priorities: save money, keep her doctor, cover her medications, and provide everything she needs to manage her heart disease.

After entering her age and zip code she has results ranked by total cost for her disease and priorities.

Almost immediately, Suzy selects the plan she wants and within minutes the entire process is completed.   

Suzy is no longer struggling.   She has better coverage than she ever had before and with the money she saved from getting the right plan, she can afford to pursue her dreams: to be an artist and to buy her own home.

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