We are people who easily forget even the most important things over time. So this makes it easy to follow certain leaders and good preachers. but even Peter echo's John the baptist when he said, "He must increase, and I must decrease." Basically saying He's eternal and I am not. Make sure that you KNOW you follow Jesus before anyone else. Do you know better to focus on Jesus more than the preacher?

2 Peter 1:12-15
1 Peter 1:24
John 3:22-36
Psalm 144


Who in your life have you looked up to the most? Why?

We are built to worship heroes. We wear jerseys with other peoples names on the back, we yell and cheer for performers, we get autographs, we get excited about taking pictures with people we don't know just because they're famous. Why do you think we as people are in such awe of fame and have such a hunger for heroes?

Even as Christians it seems like we look for "heroes of the faith" more than we even look to Jesus as our hero. The celebrity pastor, the Christian rock star, Christian athlete, and Christian public voice sometimes becomes the object of our faith. Why does Jesus take a backseat to other heroes? Why is this dangerous?

Sometimes we see ourselves as the heroes and we become consumed with our own glory rather than the glory of Christ. Read John 3:22-36. What does this passage say about competing with Jesus for glory?

How do we "Become less so He can become more"?

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