I love this clip and love this story! The song was named February 11th years ago when it was written by a dear lod friend, Peggy DuQuesnel. She showed up at the NAMM show stage I was performing on and said she had a gift and a story. The gift was the song. The story made the song so special.
Peggy had written it in a lonely time in her life. The song was very personal to her. She didn't even share it with anyone and explained it was a heart's cry for love and relationship; she had no one at that time.
She said she never named the song because it was a private expression, and later just called it February 11th since that was the day she wrote it.
All but forgotten about, she saw my wedding date listed online and realized she had a beautiful soprano sax ballad that was named for that date. Crazy huh??
Peggy came to me with a plan to record the song with a few other long time friends as a gift for my bride, Michele. WOW - very cool idea! I heard the song and I got it! A perfect song for our special day and an answer to the question Peggy asked many years earlier, looking for love.
We recorded the song with Suzanne Cruz on Drums, Peggy on Keys, Gordon Rustvold on Bass and myself on Soprano Saxophone. We did the session at Damon the Gypsy's studio with another dear friend Dave Lopez engineering. Dave mixed it, Gordon mastered it, and I got this great idea upon hearing the finished track!
If I busted my butt really hard I could create a video to present it to my wife on our wedding day! I contacted our Mom's and got pictures together, and then set out to do the most important video of my life.
It still is that and more - still gets a tear as it ends from both of us!
February 11th - Mr Mrs Gregory and Michele Vail - LOVE IT!!

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