When you're a little girl, and you and your friends are playing skip rope in the playground, singing at the top of your lungs "who will you marry?..", you have no idea how important the question is.

When you fast forward a few years, if you can answer that with the degree of compatibility, love, respect that you observe while hanging with Dami + Curtis, then you'll know you haven't done badly in life.

There's an old saying in Nigeria... (It's 20 seconds old to be precise because i just made it up, but it's still true)... "Ain't no party like a Yoruba party"!!!.
The wedding was big, colorful, a torrent of culture and sound; in the eye of a mother there was joy, in the eye of a father there was pride, in the eye's of young ladies in the crowd there was admiration for Dami's dance moves, and the hope that when it would be their turn one day, they would find men as handsome yet humble as Curtis was.

A Lagos wedding tends to be a glorious spectacle, from the "Alaga's" reducing the weight of you pocket, to the multiple prostrations, stooping to conquer as a groom publicly declares that he will do anything for her family to release their daughter to his.
In all the excitement, and the culture shock to foreign traditions, in the center of this storm bringing showers of blessings, there are private moments of calm... the calm in the eye of the storm. Those moments like where across a crowded room Curtis watched his bride dance towards him, twirling his cap in her hand on her way to crown him...

When all the dust settles, what remains is what was there before,... what took 9years in the making, weaving into a tapestry of love;... the friendship between a guy and a girl, the beginning of a new family, and the celebration of a love story.
It all spun outta control when a simple hug on a date wouldn't end because someone (or both of them)
wouldn't let go... and for this the kids in future will be really grateful ;)

AyedeFP lifts its glass in a toast to Dami + Curtis, wishing them a beautiful, blissful, blessed marriage.

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