45 minute, 39 second (counting intro & credits) video of City of Mount Vernon City Council discussion regarding the cultural resources assessment conducted by Cultural Resource Consultants, Inc {CRC} for the Mount Vernon Downtown Flood Protection Project to protect the historic downtown from the Skagit River. Glenn Hartmann of Cultural Resource Consultants, Inc. pulls off a good presentation in spite of technical difficulties, and then Mr. Mayor Bud Norris allowed members of the Mt. Vernon community such as Nov'r 2007 election Mt. Vernon mayoral candidate Doris Brevoort and members of the business community as well as the City Council to provide input starting at 27:54 (link may not work) on the city's historic documentation & eventual historic preservation efforts. The Skagit Valley Herald covered the meeting at tinyurl.com/52y5q9 (speed dial to the news story).

Also, as to CRC's contract with the City of Mount Vernon, the interesting and controversial discussion is avalable at vimeo.com/963560.

This video was bought by Skagit IMS (which is also a consultant to the City Government of Mt. Vernon) and uploaded as a pro bono project. The only changes made to the video were to add a title and credits plus soundtrack to both from the recent movie "The Kingdom" after trimming to this discussion. As to the purpose of posting the video, the purpose is partially to share with other consultants working on this project this video public record, to keep the folks apprised as to downtown Mt. Vernon historic documentation (if not preservation) efforts and finally a tiny bit to showcase Skagit IMS capability.

Finally, if others have interest, that's generally a good thing. That said, this webpage with posted video & comment opportunity is not intended to be political so please keep your comments here to the information discussed in the video and use the video wisely & professionally. Thank you for your understanding.

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