Copenhagenize produced this short film/advert for the Danish bike brand Biomega.

We wished to showcase the company's gorgeous bicycles - there are two different bicycles in the film; the Amsterdam and the Puma III.

The beauty of the product - like all bicycles - is that it is a human-powered machine. We wanted to take the design of the bicycles to another level and chose to use that century-old cultural icon The Cycling Girl in order to do so.

Biomega bicycles, iconic Cycling Girls and the city that Biomega calls home: Copenhagen. Work with this holy urban trinity and your work is half-done before you start.

We're selling bicycles, of course, but we're also selling urban cycling as lifestyle, as practical transport and as a social tool for city life.

Cycling has been effortless and gorgeous for over 120 years and will be for centuries to come.

Copenhagen. Life. Cycle. by Biomega
Director: Mikael Colville-Andersen
Photographer: Theis Mortensen
Composer: Lars T. Danielsen
for Copenhagenize Consulting:

On behalf of Biomega:

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