I shot Cocosfire in San Marcos (San Diego county) last week for two nights. I stayed up until 6 am both nights and hiked on foot through the hills for miles with a heavy pack containing three cameras, five lenses and two tripods.

This footage was and is meant to be a part of a larger project, "TEMP". However, when I got home I found myself reeling from the psychological impact of seeing such devastation. I couldn't stop working on the photos (8,000 of them in two nights!) and thinking about the fire from the viewpoints of everyone and everything I could.

As a result I felt that it was very important to cut this footage together as quickly as possible. It took two days of editing photos, one day to edit the video and create a soundtrack and now I'm uploading it today. I realize that it's not going to be quite as polished as some of my other work, but again I feel that timeliness is a big part of this.

I put up a Kickstarter to raise funds, mainly for travel, in order to create the bigger film (which will likely be released in the fall): kickstarter.com/projects/1051873420/temp-a-time-lapse-fire-film

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