Band: Exit Strategy
Album: The Atrocity Machine
Genre: Metal
Shadow Puppetry by Humble Wonder
Cinematography by Dan Dumouchel
Produced, Edited & Directed by Doug Cook


Working alongside the Humble Wonder Group we designed, created, and performed a unique shadow puppetry show for Calgary's heavy metal band Exit Strategy. Creating over 50 puppets, backgrounds, textures, and lighting effects. We refer to this video as a Animated, Raw, Analog music video - everything was made by hand, and classic animation techniques utilized to achieve all the shots.

The big challenge was to keep all of images, animated sequences, and layers strictly analog – meaning, the entire video was created by hand. We used an overhead projector, painted transparencies, multiple layers of backgrounds painted onto huge acrylic sheets, and puppets drawn, cut, jointed, and performed by hand. Everything was captured in camera, no digital effects here!

Tyler Longmire designed and performed most of the character puppets and half of the effects. Lee Cookson handled backgrounds and the other half of the effects (including the rain curtain), Josh Dalledonne ruined his hands cutting out the mountains of puppets, but it was truly a collaborative effort, with everyone doing a bit of everything.

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