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Synopsis : Critical Play, otherwise referred to as ART 381 in academic lore, is a rigorous art and videogame course which has had members look intensively at the narratology and expressive values of computer games through studio practice. This exhibition is a synthesis of their creative efforts, their imaginative interpretation of the challenges before them, and a totem of their charismatic will towards supporting one another and forging identities through art. You are invited to look at videogames in a different light than what you may be familiar with : optioning the academic over the entertaining, the creative in the famililar, and the cool in school.

Music for Documentation : Ronald Jenkees - Early Morning May. License purchased from for social video media.

Instructor for course and video documentation-editing : Benjamin Poynter.

The amazing work by and course members : Jenie Villanueva, Rhea Agpaoa, Connor Goicochea, JC Oroflo, Crystal Willis, Stormy Lattimer, Aaron Walton, Kailee Gett, Sean Evans, Fantasia Bolden, Zach Cordisco, Darius Mandegary, Erin Fuss, Andrea Kostecki, Cassondra Pellerin, Libby Brokaw, Erin McMahon, Elizabeth White

Venue and wonderful hosts : Reno Collective

Art 381. Critical Play : Computer Games and Art. University of Nevada Reno. 2014.

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