You all know memoQ and use it on a daily basis, but... with every release memoQ is becoming more and more complex and offers features which are not necessarily used on everyday basis. And the features you do use include some options you never really had time to explore or thought how to use them in a non-standard way. Even the configuration include ton of options which can be somewhat mysterious.

I’m going to show you how some of them works, what they do, and most importantly, how you can use them to work faster and more efficiently, using real-world examples from my everyday work. Due to time constraints, and to avoid potential technical issues this won’t be a live presentation – I’ll be presenting using just PowerPoint slides with pre-recorded sets of screenshots for all options described.

BTW, have you tried the „Do not press this button” button yet?

Presenter: Marek Pawelec (Freelance Translator) | Webinar level: basic

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