This is a small company, run by Rob Koch and Larry Wellcome, that has enjoyed some great success this year and last. I believe last year was their first year selling plugs to tackle shops.

Before that, as I understand it. Larry Wellcome was making plugs in a shop in his basement. All made from wood. Years of trial and error to build the "extreme" plug that would stand up to brutal Montauk conditions, swim straight, dive just right, and catch fish in the blackness of night where good construction was important, and critical to a good outing.

Along comes Rob with a degree in mechanical engineering. He was friends with Larry. Out of that friendship developed a thought of a partnership.

Rob took their best producing wooden plug, and set out to copy it in plastic so it would consistently produce the same results for all fishermen.

A lot of fishermen are stuck on the "legacy of wood". I never imagined a plastic plug could gather so much interest, but it has.

I think it's safe to say that Rob and Larry's company is one of the better success stories in this terrible recessipn we're living through.

I really wanted to know the reason behind the success.

Was it all hype, or was there some good science behind it?

I think the interview today provides those answers. Take a look and make your own judgement.

Best of luck to you guys.

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