V2 Electronic Cigarette Review


First think you will notice is the V2 electronic cigarette kit in a large standard magnet flip-top box. Open it up and you will find V2 gives you a packet of coupon tickets with a discount code. (We're assuming this is only one of their ways of offline promotion, but there's some goodies in there for you too!)

Now the long battery may last longer, but it's REALLY long. You may want to compare its name to the V2 rocket... just kidding. You most likely will want to swing by the website and take a look for yourself. The V2 long battery is enormous. It is definitely not a fashion statement. The long battery lasts approximately 150-175 puffs. Considering the length of the long battery, we were expecting a lot more. The standard battery (small) provided a disappointing 85-120 puffs. The V2 is being offered at many retail stores and gas stations.

Highlight of the V2 cartomizers are the flavors. You'll love the flavors v2 has to offer. However, cartomizers provide approximately 125-175 puffs. We found the life of the cartomizers disappointing. After all, they are definitely heavily promoted. We must also mention nicotine satisfaction drops off a bit too after around 50 puffs.

Pricing for the V2 kitis not expensive so we believe it is a good value. The V2 does not top the charts compared to others but is definitely worth a look.

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