The Tale of a Monster: Lilith is the story of what happens when the creation becomes the creator. Lilith wakes up in a laboratory with no idea of where she is at; the only thing she knows is two bodies surround her. The story becomes a tale of beautiful horror and twisted romance as writer and director EJ Moreno takes you through his retelling of The Bride of Frankenstein and doesn't let up until all the pieces are together.

Produced at Full Sail University as one of the final project by EJ Moreno, director of photography Bryant Geary and the wonderfully talented crew of Lilith. As features the talents of the wonderful cast; Kally Khourshid, Travis Crane, Steve Garland and Jeff Evans.

Special Thanks to:
Evan J Guirsch (highest donator, created an original score not used for this edit and helped out on set)
Melissa and Victor Walker
Barbara Bugner
Jennifer Gookin
David Speight
Suzanne Church
Danica Marie Ronquillo
Carissa Connolly
Lilly Pitchford
Robert Sloan
Diego Cacho
Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz
Emily Coccia
Vivian Rodriguez
Evan McAlister
Steve Garland
Judy Bean
Christina Freeman
Kim + Kenny Dorado
Gisele Horrnik
William Andrew
Nicolas Perez

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