Media: mobile phone video, 05'59".
Genre: "nauseating video".
Music: Boards Of Canada, Jacquard Causeway from "Tomorrow's Harvest", Warp Records, Music 70 © 2013.
First presented: Poznyaki Plenair on the roof, Kyiv 2013, as part of my personal project "Poznyaki: New Utopia Landscape".

The work shows typical picture of unregulated street trade at the underground crossing and around the subway zone. This is a bright example how the idea of public space becomes totally perverted in post-Soviet experience. It all actually fits well into a "duty-free" concept. First, you can buy anything easily and for cheaper price. At the same time "duty-free" means there are no duties and thus no responsibility for ones entering and handling the place. No one actually owns the public space so for majority it means that no one is responsible. You can spit or throw cigarette stubs or sell goods where it is forbidden. The street trade itself, meant initially to make the life of citizens better, becomes something that brings problems and works against human dignity at larger scope.

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