For "Lunatics!" -

This is a track-through screen-test of the "Railway" set which will be used in the opening sequence for our pilot episode, "No Children in Space".

We've been working very slowly on getting the pilot completed, since we're basically working on a pure-volunteer basis. But we are getting closer. Our current goal is to get the "Prolog" segment of the episode completed (which is about the first 12 minutes, which will be before the titles in the completed episode).

This set was created by Terry Hancock in Blender, with some BlendSwap elements (users: Goten22, farcgs, WTInteractive, BMF, bishop). The plants were digitally painted in MyPaint and then used as billboards in five different particle systems (this allows for a patchiness in the layout of the plants), with a sixth particle system providing the rocks in the rail bed. Freestyle is used sparingly for some background elements I wanted to be well-defined.

This view of the set will primarily be seen as a reflection.

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