Every Wednesday is Comic Day. All the comic shops get their shipment of new books in and all of us geeks rush to purchase them.

I've recently found a new path to take in getting to my local shop. It's a pretty nice walk, so I decided to throw together a little video of my commute.

It's not perfect, but it was fun to make. If anyone is feeling up for it, shoot a video of your walk/commute to anywhere or even a video of your Comic Day adventures! Just tag your video with "comic day", "commute", or "walking".

Thanks for watching!

Location: Boston, MA
Total Traveling Time: 22 minutes there, 20 minutes back (some weird time warp that I can't explain)
Song: MGMT - Time To Pretend
Books: Glamourpuss, Teen Titans Year 1 #4, Local #11

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