This is a very tiny taste of what you can expect when this latest fractal animation is released to the public. Straight to you with "oceans of love" from the one and only team that you will ever need when it comes to satisfying your need for crisp - clear - screen popping - acid & candy coloured - mind bending - fractal zooms.

Scheduled for release in april/may - this brand new, as yet unseen animation, will be the deepest zoom with the most iterations that teamfresh has ever released to the general public. Here are a few details...

magnification level - e228
20,000,000 iterations
HD format 1280x720
Anti aliased x4
brand new classic "teamfresh candy" coloured escape time palette
aprox 15 minutes long
Awesome deep tech house music tracks mixed by teamfresh

Get yourself very ready for this brand new unique ten minute journey into the infinitely deep Mandelbrot set. When this is released you had better have all your goodies ready - and don't forget to turn out all the lights. Ready your mind to see things that have never ever been seen before.

oceans of love


**teamfresh have been animating fractals for over 5 years and are dedicated to bringing you the best in fractal trips.

when teamfresh's last animation "trip to e214" was released it was viewed over 200,000 times and has been embedded on over 100 websites - it received hundreds & thousands of comments and started many discussions on life - relativity - maths and physics. here are just a few favourite comments that have been hand picked by teamfresh....

favourites from REDDIT

I was so hoping it would end that way, but after minutes of more and more intense rotational symmetry I was wondering if there would be light at the end of the tunnel. So rewarding when it ended! Incredible!"
from "dgreensp"

"When I paused the video about 4 minutes in to take a phone call, the still video image would not stop moving for me, just in reverse. It took a full two minutes for the effect to disappear. Weird."
from "sirbloodbath"

favourites from GIZMODO

"My eyes wouldn't stop watering the first minute and a half.. And the ending was EPIC :D"
from "Gimpeh"

"I got the HD version on the go, put my own music on instead of the shit track on the video, turned the lights off and watched the whole damn thing. To be fair, it makes a pretty good visualiser (albieit not on that pulses in time with the music) and it's very impressive, but I think I might have given myself brain cancer."
from "flylikeamouse"

"After watching for a couple minutes, I hit my head on my screen by involuntarily succumbing to the "sucking in" of everything else. Then I had some pizza! Awesome morning..."
from "buddy ruddy"

"My 4 day weekend will be this and Mr. LSD"
from "G.O.D."

favourites from BOINGBOING

"This is the reason that the iPad needs to support Flash"
from "MrWoods"

"That was just absolutely fucking amazing."
from "mistersquid"

favourites from VIMEO

"The most excellently constructed fractal zoom I have ever seen. Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to create and upload this."
from "Scott Flavin"

"I just wet my pants"
from "Jon Smith"

favourites from HACKER NEWS

"That was pretty amazing. The end is a real "ah ha" moment."
from "pmichaud"

"Loved it, thanks for sharing!"
from "Markus"

there are many many more comments on These and other websites all over the internet. And teamfresh would like to take this chance to say thankyou for each and every one positive and negative.

oceans of love


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