Range tests showing performance of Futaba FASST 2.4GHz radio control system with several transmitters present in the aircraft. Even with a 3 Watt 2.4GHz video transmitter AND a 433MHz Voice-Variometer operating onboard, the little 7-channel receiver was operating exactly as without any transmitter present.

Test 1: FASST without any transmitters on board (not logged)

Test 2: FASST with 3 Watt video transmitter
(log measurement 1, but not in video)

Test 3: FASST with 3 Watt video transmitter and taped-down antenna
(log measurement 2)

Test 4: FASST range check at 10% power, with 3W transmitter and taped down antenna
(log measurement 3)

Test 5: FASST with 3W transmitter, 433MHz Variometer and taped down antenna
(log measurement 4)

Test 6: FASST range check at 10% power, for comparison done without interferences
(log measurement 5)

Test results have been logged, footage shows UniLog output of the various test conditions: No problems, holds or failsafe conditions observed with 3W transmitter and Variometer. Range checks show just about the same performance with or without transmitters active.

I did these tests not so much to blow into Futaba's horn, but because I experienced a crash lately - and since I had no logger back then, I can only speculate as to the cause. It is likely, however, that my sloppy wiring was to blame for a complete loss of power during a sharp maneuver. These tests were done on the exact same receiver I had the crash with.

Note that even though the receiver LED starts to blink red, it takes a solid red condition for the receiver to stop receiving control input.

So far, I'm very satisfied with the performance. I'll also log each and every flight from now on, so if there's a problem again I'll be able to determine the cause instead of guessing.

CONCLUSION: Always fly with full batteries, don't be sloppy with your cabling, mount your receiver in a padded way that reduces vibration, and remember that there's more than just the receiver inside the plane. Last but not least, no transmission system is 100% invincible.
But I gotta admit, FASST performance is impressive.

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