In Chapter 7, we follow our PocaHondas back down to her favorite place on earth, or rather, her favorite place in the forest ‘the River.’ As the Forest takes away all her worries, PocaHondas has an epiphany about the river-flow and the destiny that awaits her just around that river bend thing.. Will PocaHondas summon the courage to follow the right riverbed??

The Random Adventures of PocaHondas has been broken down into 10 chapters – Each one taking you deeper & deeper into the compelling and complicated life of this free-spirit and her companions. I will be releasing 2 chapters at a time every Friday for the next 4 weeks till May 30th 2014.

Join PocaHondas on her journey as she comes to grips with her destiny and learns many lessons along the way. Thank you for watching and stay tuned to this channel for more exciting events..

(More Details)

The Random Adventures of PocaHondas (that's with a Das / not a Tas) is a Dark Comedy/Musical/Drama/Parody based on the 90’s Disney Classic. Although my version is based on the historical figure & Disney character “Pocahontas” my story is far from the same, and ‘Not’ to be taken seriously at any point. Besides the 5-oclock shadow that our leading lady gets in the afternoon, this story is laced with deep emotional highs & lows, twisted humor, ridiculous & strange characters, and all the modern issues that transcend time…

This project started as a (surprise gift) for my Niece’s 21st B-day “dedicated solely to her because it was one of her favorites & one we always used to joke about as she grew up. I originally envisioned about 25 mins of me dancing around the forest in a Indian Princess dress, signing the Disney songs, but as I got deeply involved in filming, the short film somehow turned into a feature length movie with multiple characters (played by myself) and a very unique story line that strays of the path of the original very quickly. I do not have any formal training in film making, just a big fan of many, many movies.. Back in my young teenage days, I was heart set on working for Disney someday & this was always one of my Favs..

If you have never seen the Disney Classic, I recommend viewing the first 15 mins of the film to get the idea of where my inspiration has come from – I selected 3 links in particular that showcase my storyline in the best way.. If you have never seen the flick, I’m sure you can still enjoy my version – but knowing where it all came from can only make it better in my opinion =)

( Steady as the Beating Drum )

( Just Around the River Bend )

( Listen with Your Heart )


Video Directed, Produced, Filmed & Edited by KENe W.L.
All Music written & performed by KENe W.L. ©

Music Based on the Original Score by Alan Menken & Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz

Music recorded on Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-520
MIDI Synth recordings from the "Absynth5" Sound Library / Audio Editing in Cubase LE SW

Movie Filmed on hand-held Canon Power-Shot SX160
Video Edited in Sony Vegas Movie Studio HDP11

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