(KJV) Exodus 19:1-3a In the third month, when the children of Israel were gone forth out of the land of Egypt, the same day came they into the wilderness of Sinai. For they were departed from Rephidim, and were come to the desert of Sinai, and had pitched in the wilderness; and there Israel camped before the mount. And Moses went up unto God, and the Lord called unto him out of the mountain, saying….

(KJV) Numbers 1:1 And the LORD spake unto Moses in the wilderness of Sinai, in the tabernacle of the congregation, on the first day of the second month, in the second year after they were come out of the land of Egypt, saying, …
Why was torah given in the wilderness?

4057. mid-bawr' from 1696 a pasture (i.e. open field, by implication, a desert; also speech

1696. daw-bar' to arrange; but used figuratively (of words), to speak;
wilderness/speak – private conversation – out of the city

(AKJV) Hosea 2:14 Therefore, behold, I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak comfortably to her.

(AKJV) Song of Solomon 8:5a Who is this that comes up from the wilderness, leaning on her beloved?
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