*ReUpload- New Comp, Added Haze, More Motion Blur and Improved Colour Correction on the Explosion*

Trying to improve my overall skills for putting a shot together from scratch and not just the FX. Been working on and off this for a few weeks. I am responsible for everything apart from the Modelling and most of the Texturing. Still needs improvements, With the camera dynamics I was going for a "Chase Cam" feel as if another plane behind the BF109 is trying to film it attacking the ship. I got rid of all my ususal camera shake as it was starting to look kinda cheap in some of my past works.
Long Making Of Article With Screenshots and RnD on my Blog: niallhornvfx.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/battleship-attack-fx-shot.html

Software: 3DS Max, Realflow, Fume FX, V-Ray, Krakatoa, After Effects

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