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Konzept/Regie: Sabine Retschitzegger
Art Direction: Helmut Breineder, Armin Keplinger
Musik: Michael Kadelbach
Team: Sabine Retschitzegger, Martin Retschitzegger, Chris Lenz, Helmut Breineder, Armin Keplinger, Wanja Glökler, Michael Tan, Hannes Richter, Daniel Huber, Stefan Rosinski, Ingolf Heinisch, Daniel Helgenberger, Thomas Eichhorn, Gerd Trautner

Endkunde: Daimler AG
Leadagentur: OSK – Oliver Schrott Kommunikation
Choreographie: Alex Burgos
Lichtdesign: Nik Evers
Ablaufregie: Christopher Cuhls

Format: 5 x Full HD Aufprojektion, 4 x Full HD Rückprojektion

Tracking System: Castsoft Black Trax

World Premiere of the New Mercedes V-Class in Munich. Under the creative lead of agency OSK, m box was commissioned to develop the concept, content production and technical realization for the show film for the stage presentation of the new V-Class models.

m box created a 3:40 minutes long show film that incorporated an extended stage setting with 4x Full HD back projection on a 20 meter wide center stage screen and 5 x Full HD projection on 20 modular stage elements, which were 3D-tracked using the customized proprietary Black Trax tracking system.

The tracking system was used in combination with the our V4 based media server to track
the modular stage elements which were continuously moved around and positioned by stage performers.
By providing the tracking info in and delivering it to the V4 interface, the projection could
be adjusted in realtime to project on the various different arrangements of the 20 modular
stage elements, such as cubes, pyramids and vertical panels.

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