Days after her death, a young girl comes back to places she used to know, looking for her precious memories.
A wandering to celebrate this very short lifetime.

Artist : Labyrinth Ear (
Song : Urchin

Starring Louisiane Gouverneur
Shot in Paris, March 2014

Director : Sébastien Rippon (
1st A.D : Élodie Paul
Director of Photography : Josh McKie (
1st A.C : Guillaume Brandois
Movi Tech : Arthur Chassaing
Editing : Sébastien Rippon
Color Grading : Guillaume Faure
VFX : Damien Stumpf (@Ateliervfx)(
Stylist : Sarah Delannoy
Make Up Artist & Hairstylist : Juan Romero
Assistant MUAH : Tania Monterosso
Location Manager : Gaspard De Dadelsen
Assistant Unit Manager : Philippe De La Croix

Urchin : Louisiane Gouverneur
Kids in the park : Yelena Polizzi, Tam Guignard, Léo Guignard, Noam Bechouche, Imane Nzodjou
Teenagers in the subway : Estelle Danilo, Capucine Roy, Cécile Chabert
Teenagers in the park : Maud Ferron, Pauline Helly
The Lipstick Girl : Typhaine Augusto
The Kissing Couple : Lousie Greggory, Jérémie Paul
The Spinning Mother : Mai Hua

Marinela Polizzi, Mai Hua, Antoine Marbach, Damien Stumpf, Love Bowman, Franck Gouverneur, Nicolas Tiry, Rémi Veyrié.

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