About the Video:

In December 2013 we were invited to present research on the ITAL project at the IX Conference of Italian Researchers in the World in Houston, Texas. We not only accepted the kind invitation, but decided to bring our cameras with us. The events we saw, heard, experienced and recorded that day set the stage for the creation of this episode. Enjoy.

Please support the musicians featured in this video:

Carmelo Salemi "Alveari" (Sicily)
from the album "HYBLA" ©2001 FolkClub EthnoSuoni
-second & closing song

Jahzzar - Creative Commons God!! "A room with a view" - third song
"134340" - fifth song

Piqued Jacks - "Behind that mountain of stone" - Intro/Credits
"Amusement Park" - fourth song

Marco Raaphoorst - "50 OLPC" - third song

Hosted By Romina Olson
Written/Directed by Sergio Carvajal-Leoni
Camera Work: Romina Olson and Sergio Carvajal-Leoni
Editing: Sergio Carvajal-Leoni
Community Coordinator: Jordan Garcia
Communications Intern: Claire Soto
Academic Supervisor: Antonella Olson Del Fattore
Texan Italian Stories is a production of ITALCHANNEL.TV:
Creating open edutainment video tools that highlight Italian and Texan Italian culture.

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