1. Moker - Human Bondage
2. Kevlar Skin - Flatline Famine
3. Destitution - Guilty Until Proven Innocent
4. Abyssal Ascendant - Nightmarish Depths Of The Outer Abomination
5. Holocausto Canibal - Nosolagnia Predatoria
6. Necrodeath - Wrath
7. Tombs - Ashes
8. Day Of Doom - Through Horrible Despair
9. Warckon - The Weak
10. Under The Church - Back To The Grave

Moker: facebook.com/pages/moker-brutal-death-metal/115651335140297
Kevlar Skin: facebook.com/kevlarskin
Destitution: facebook.com/destitutionthrash
Abyssal Ascendant: facebook.com/abyssal.ascendant.band
Holocausto Canibal: facebook.com/hcgore
Necrodeath: facebook.com/necrodeath.official
Tombs: ww.facebook.com/tombsbklyn
Day Of Doom: facebook.com/dayofdoom666
Warckon: facebook.com/warckon
Under The Church: facebook.com/underthechurch

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