Stuff I did:

ALL sound in the video was cut, edited and mixed by myself. The VO is Mark Meer, which I directed the recording of in-studio, and the music was created by Sam Hulick. I did some creative editing on both the dialogue and the music to make it fit the final edit. I used a bunch of processing to make Mark's character ("Baeloth"), sound like he was orating in a space large enough to house the shown audience.

About the video:

This is the introduction to an all original area for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, a sort of battle arena called "The Black Pits". The video's audio was planned and executed by yours truly, in accordance with a created picture edit of the fabulous art of Nat Jones.


DISCLAIMER: The video content is the property of Beamdog and is used with permission for non-profit related purposes. Please contact me if you take issue with this and I will happily adjust the video's privacy settings and/or remove the video as required. Thank you!

-Nathan Willis

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