Whet that sun-parched whistle of yours with an ice-cold beer, hand-selected for libation-lovers like you by The Halli Casser-Jayne Show. Join us when The Halli Casser-Jayne Show presents Everything You Don’t Know About Beer with our guests Beerology author Mirella Amato, The Ultimate Beer Lover’s Happy Hour author John Schlimm and Vintage Beer author Patrick Dawson.

John Schlimm is the international award-winning author of several books, including The Ultimate Beer Lover’s Cookbooks, The Beer Lover’s Cookbook and is soon to add a new title to his long list with the release of The Ultimate Beer Lover’s Happy Hour, which features over 325 recipes for your favorite bar snacks and beer cocktails. John Schlimm is a member of one of the oldest and most historic brewing families in the United States, Straub Brewery. He has appeared on national media outlets including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, NPR’s The Splendid Table, Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food, and Fox & Friends. He holds a master’s degree from Harvard University.

Mirella Amato is a women with a mission, who has dedicated herself to promoting local beer and beer appreciation since 2007. She is the first non-US resident to earn the title Master Cicerones. She holds an advance brewing certificate, is a National Level BJCP judge and has sat on juries for the Canadian Brewing Awards, the Great American Beer Festival, the European Beer Star, and the World Beer Cup. She is the recipient of the 2012 OCB Center of Excellence Industry Choice Award in Food & Beer Matching Development. She can be frequently heard on CBC Radio and her writing has appeared in a number of beer magazines.

Patrick Dawson has been accredited as a judge through the Beer Judge Certification Program and has been collecting, aging, and consuming vintage beers for more than a decade. A respected voice on the subject of vintage beer, he travels throughout the United States and Europe collecting beers worthy of aging. He also reviews brew pubs for the North Denver Tribune. His personal cellar, in Colorado, is an evolving collection of hundreds of vintage treasures. His new book Vintage Beer, A Taster’s Guide to Brews That Improve Over Time has just been released.

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